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Rear Screen Projection

• What if  you could shoot multiple scenes in a day? 

• What if you could change the time of day?

• What if you can change the entire season?

• What if you could get better performances from actors?

This is why you come here! 

Every Film, Tv Show, Short Film, Commercial or Web Series have scenes in a moving vehicle. 


Green screen requires a ton of post work, decision changes

and dealing with nasty green spill in hair, skin and fabric.

Filming driving "for real" requires a "Process Trailer" that needs multiple police escorts,

city permits and limits all of your daylight hours and grueling night time shoots.

No more process trailer rentals!

Rear Screen Projection is an old school tried and true

technique but with an innovative, updated digital laser twist!


The camera combines laser projected backgrounds

(the industry calls these "plates") with Actors and foreground elements. 


Converging into a single, captivating frame. All in camera. No post work.

Stage Features:

  • FREE Red Camera Package!

  • FREE half day set up day!

  • FREE Lighting, Grip & Gear!

  • Dimensions: 3500sq ft 

  • Roll Up Door (13’10″ H)

  • On site Computer Tech included

  • High speed internet

  • Track / Dolly

  • Micro Dolly Crane

  • Integrated DMX lighting system 

  • 2 Dressing Rooms

  • Kitchen

  • A/C Available

  • Bathroom w/ Shower

  • Private parking P

  • Plenty of free street parking.

rear projection driving studio
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