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Rear Screen Projection is a timeless art used in some form since the beginning of cinema.

Now, it has become a revived and exciting medium to support storytelling. No dots on a screen. No ping pong balls on a stick for an eyeline. A simpler approach that fully immerses the actor into the scene. Leading the way to a more truthful performance.

Rear Screen Projection is at an even higher level when driving. With over 15 years of experience our Studio in Los Angeles has curated a state of the art system with a custom 9 camera rig that has captured 360 images called "Driving Plates" Surrounding the actors with real images from laser projectors. Allowing talent to fully commit themselves into their performances.

Talent can see and instantly react to their environments and don't have to "pretend." Neither do Director's, Dp's or Producers because the final image is immediate and in-the-can right then and there. With zero Post Work which can be labor intensive and expensive.

PRO TIP: Longer lenses work best to marry the Rear Screen Projection art of illusion.

If you're in the Los Angeles area contact our studio to book your Rear Screen Projection Driving project.


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